Tove Lo

Being a sex positive artist has always been important, but it feels especially vital, right now.  she says in this great interview “Disco Tits” is a disco-inflected[7] electroclash[1] and dance-pop[2] song. The song moves at a tempo of 110 beats per minute.[8] According to the singer, “Disco Tits” is aboutRead More →

The liberation movement of #metoo, which shakes the entertainment industry, but not that, is not ready to stop. It is today the not-so-good old business of Ron Jeremy coming out of the closet. As a consistent Rolling Stone investigation has shown, the iconic producer and moustached rapper is dragging manyRead More →

Holly Randall (born September 5, 1978)[2]is an American erotic photographer.[3]She is the daughter of erotic photographer Suze Randall and author Humphry Knipe,  is proud to work for Playboy. Why? This is why, when Playboy announced their first transgendered Playmate just a couple of weeks ago, she was absolutely thrilled! Read here blog here!Read More →

Erica Lust

Listen to Erica Lust about the Weinstein revelations. For many people like me, the recent Weinstein revelations and the multiple stories coming out after it are in no way a surprise. Not because I personally knew Weinstein or knew of the rumors about him, but because it’s just so obvious.Read More →

hooker of the week

What a wonderful F-cups she has, you imagine yourself in paradise with so much femininity. You can find this Brazilian in the Netherlands. In Germany there are also hookers with very large breasts in one of the many sexclubs. Take a look at this place Saunaclub Bochum.  How wonderful is itRead More →