Sex lesson: How to Pleasure her bOObs

Always wanted to know how to make her completely wild by touching her breasts?

UBAM gives sex lesson.

Mens fitness gives you 9 tips. Use it to your advantage.

9 extraordinary ways to satisfy her breasts

WHAT’S THE FIRST thing you notice about a woman after her smile and eyes, of course? If you answered honestly, it’s probably her breasts. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, but you know what is? You spend so much time ogling them in broad daylight and not enough time giving them the attention they deserve when the lights go low.

What I’m hearing from a lot of [women] is that men immediately go down south, because that’s where they get the most results,” says sexologist Stephen de Wit. “For a lot of women, breasts are an area of great pleasure, but it’s not an understood thing for men because we don’t have breasts—a lot of the information we learn is from the media and from porn.”
Sound about right? Before you go on an all-out Google frenzy, take a second to read this. We consulted with the best experts in the biz to create a step-by-step guide to pleasuring her boobs in the bedroom. Both your lady—and her ladies—will be satisfied with these nine simple steps.

1. Understand not all breasts are the same
2. Start out gently—until you know what she likes
3. Be a tease
4. Communicate… without ruining the mood
5. Let her be the teacher
6. Pay attention to her reactions and breathing
7. If she likes rougher play, get a little kinky
8. Use different sensations
9. Compliment the ladies

bOOb Play
boob suck

Three practical advices

You believe more in the tips from a women’s magazine. Then read this article from the Cosmopolitan. Send This To Your Guy: Wacky Ways to Pleasure Boobs

Breast-men, rejoice! Researchers recently found that when you stimulate a woman’s nipples, the same area of her brain lights up as when you stimulate her bliss-button down below. Ain’t science amazing? three practical advice to make a delicious feast of it

1. Grab a small handheld fan and position it directly over her breasts during sex to give her a sweet, sweet breeze. Bonus points if it’s the kind attached to a squirt bottle, so you can also treat her melons to a gentle misting.

2. Offer her a chest massage—and then whip out a cheapo electric toothbrush and gently twirl it around the undersides of her twins, working your way slowly up to her nipples. It’s like a vibrator for her rack—and it’ll give her quite the buzz. (Careful, though—some women with extra sensitive nipples might find this move a bit overwhelming.)

3. Before doggy-style sex, throw a tactile surface down on the bed (say, a shag rug, a super soft and fuzzy towel, or a silk shirt). Then ride her low, but not totally on her belly, so that her nips are grazing against the fabric with every thrust. Bonus jolts of head-rush pleasure!


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