hooker of the week

Hookers with gorgeous bOObs

hooker of the week

What a wonderful F-cups she has, you imagine yourself in paradise with so much femininity. You can find this Brazilian in the Netherlands.

In Germany there are also hookers with very large breasts in one of the many sexclubs. Take a look at this place Saunaclub Bochum.  How wonderful is it to spend your day between the bosom of these curvy ladies. And that is possible for a few euros.

Take this lady, Stefania, for example. with her beautiful D-cup. On the German and Dutch forums you will find good reviews about her.


Read this review.
There was only one blond woman present, and if I have a weakness for something, then it is for blond. She introduced herself as Stefania. That name did tell me something, but this woman looked a bit better than on the site. She spoke reasonable English, with a cute Romanian accent. We had a nice conversation and immediately got a click. I had planned myself not to be in the room for the first hour, but my weak male flesh gave way to this cutie. Stefania is not really super on the website but she looked very sexy with a (certainly for mother being) neat figure. A small piercing above her upper lip and antlers above her beautifully shaped butt did not detract from this. She said that she was basically everywhere in front except anal and French total. Fine, I did not have those parts on my program. We undressed and went to bed. Stefania asked if I liked kissing.
I did not say anything, but the way I nodded yes made it clear that I’m prone to that. Stefania can kiss wonderfully and really takes time for it. She is an angel, not only during the pre-sale phase, but also during and after the act. However, I noticed that the pregnancy had left its mark. and I thought I saw a burn somewhere. I do not remember where, it did not bother me and just enjoyed her arts. Pipes she did well, and took the time for it. She regularly jumped up a horny look to see what I thought of it. Her breasts that are pretty decent, were somewhat hanger-like but that did not bother me either. Raincoat, and she asked if she could continue to blow, or that was not desired. Since she has mastered the pipes perfectly, I agreed that she could go on. Afterwards a not too smart move because Stefania stepped up a gear, and soon I had to kick the emergency brake. Hooooo, ff ruhig … And she did. Then she sat on top of me. Is and remains my favorite position. She can ride the whole thing as the best, well interspersed with nice French kisses. After about 20 minutes I surrendered to something that could no longer be stopped. Then we caressed and talked, and neatly completed the half hour. If a woman gives me a good half an hour, I think 40 Euro is just too scanty. She can count on a tip, and she was happy with that. She gave me a kiss, and a mischievous but grateful look.
Stefania is a stay-at-home, and she had ears to the tour I wanted to give her in Amsterdam. At least that’s how she made it seem, because we both know that that does not happen.

Do the Germans yet again thoroughly. Not only classy cars but also classy clubs with big bOOb hookers.

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