Dirty Film

The Dutch public broadcaster wanted to know more about porn movies. For this they asked young filmmakers to investigate this.

Dirty film

In the three-part series Dirty Film, three filmmakers venture far beyond the limits of their comfort zone. They have experience with filming, but for the first time in their career they direct a porn film. They boldly engage the experiment and immerse themselves in the genre. How do you portray sexuality aesthetically, respectfully and in full potential? And how does your environment react to an unconventional choice to direct porn?

The episode can only be viewed between 22:00 and 6:00.

Why do they make this series?

There is a taboo on porn. That is why we hardly talk about it. But due to the accessibility of the internet millions of people watch porn every second of the day. Whether we want it or not, porn is everywhere in our society. How do we feel about the porn that is being made?

Not only do adults consume more and more porn, our children are also getting younger and younger. For most of them, the first sexual experience is also a virtual one, long before their first real kiss and a first date. Porn is much more than just ‘a dirty film’. It teaches young people a lot of sense and nonsense about sex and it inspires adults to experience new but perhaps unrealistic scenarios.

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