Classic Pornmovie: Cafe Flesh

The classic porn film from the eighties is Café Flesh by Stephen Sayadian.

This is one of the most unique porn films ever made. A film that you do not necessarily wind up but really comes with a story. Is this porn to become a giel? The film is situated in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse that prevents 99 percent of the population from fucking. 1 percent can still do that and must act as sex performers on stage so that the other 99 percent can watch. They are excited but can not do anything with it. The film constantly breaks through the fourth wall to address the viewer as part of the audience, of that 99 percent. It is weird, witty and interesting. But not always exciting.

Cafe Flesh is anti-porn?

Stephen Sayadian interview (in dutch)
Café Flesh is the ultimate anti-porn in that respect and that was exactly the intention. “At first I never understood why people wanted to make porn, but it is actually a beautiful genre. While you show sex you can break all rules! With Café Flesh I made a kind of porn that was anti-erotic, a film that literally the viewers I like the idea that you are watching porn that is about looking at porn, which was difficult to explain to actors and actresses, I wanted anti-erotic sex, so I had to expressly explain to them that they should not show pleasure I said: if you work in Café Flesh for the first time, it is probably fun, but after years of compulsory sex routines you will be emotionally extinguished, so I do not consider this film as porn, but rather as performance art. ”

Watch the movie here (if still available, and if its save)

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